The effectiveness of the Innovation Award for the second year in a row

Resided girls Creek Center at 11 February 2017 the annual award for the second year in a row the title (Innovation Award), a special prize sponsored by Qatari youth initiatives Sultan Hall princely Al Khor Hotel, and this year’s competition entitled (Hebrew for the cause) to design video expresses the social issue or environmental, economic or cultural diameter, and the participation of 13 contestants country, was announced at the ceremony for the first two prizes worth 12,000 QR, and the second worth 8 thousand QR was honored as the rest of the posts Balvedyohat by outstanding by giving them a monetary value of each five prizes thousand riyals Qatari, and participated celebration effective both presenter glittering share Suwaidi, active in the field doe girl Sulaiti environment, and innovative in the field of mathematics Kausar gentlemen, and media Eman al-Kaabi, the comic immortality Albojsoom on the sidelines of the program celebratory been submitted reviews of their success in the field Stories practical and effective by the end of honorees were also honored Oentinob center for his participation with us to choose the winning videos.